Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Amblee Resort (check photo link on right )

I have not been complaining of nothing happening in life since a long time. With my sister’s marriage rush during the last 2 months I was fully occupied. However there was a certain joy when we decided to go to “Amblee Resorts” from office.

Amblee Resort is a quiet little place on the way to Mysore on the banks of River Cauvery. It’s actually very close to Mysore, maybe just 15kms to Mysore from there. The riverside was one of the best features of the resort. I could count off food and service as “adjustable” but the scenery was definitely soothing and refreshing.

I always spend a few hours to myself during the weekend. Those few hours are what pull me through the weekend. I hate sacrificing those precious hours for anything in the world. There were just three girls on this trip (better than the ones when I am the only girl :) however). There was so much of activity through out the day that I really didn’t get my time.

Therefore, as always on trips, I got up early morning and went to the riverside. This was a great experience. I listened to the water flowing across the small rocks. I watched the birds as they flew over the water. I watched the sun rise slowly and the skies turn red to blue. The early morning peace is irreplaceable. I realized that small things around you are so beautiful and matchless. I loved that hour I spent to myself. Then again there came my colleagues and back to fun filled time with others!


Kay said...

wow!this place looks sooo beautiful

Anand said...

Hi, Wonder its March and Kaveri is full. Nice place. Could you give a rating outof 10 for the Rooms,service and food at the place. We team of 7 looking for a nice weekend break at Mysore soon
Contact info of the resort would be nice