Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wedding aftermaths!

The wedding's over. I am back in Bangalore. I had no track of time when I was at home. So much to do and so little time. It all seemed a mad rush. Now that it's over I get the space to think over what happened in the past week. It all happened so fast. My sister introduced the idea at home, a visit by my parents to Hyderabad, engagement on Jan 21 and wedding a month later.

The wedding was hectic. It was a coming together of two different cultures and their respective rituals but all was well at the end of the day. The wedding was a huge learning for me. It put me face to face with a lot of facts that I chose to ignore all this while.

I realise that the people who stand next to you may not be the people you expect. It is easy to stand beside someone with talk, but supporting the person with action is very difficult. It becomes even more amazing when these are people who put aside all differences you have had with them over the years. I was touched by selflessness.

I also realise today that money is not something that rules the world. Relations and mutual understandings are all that matter at the end. There were a lot of trusts that were broken and a lot of new hopes that were made during this wedding. I have started to respect some people like I have never before and am happy for this wedding to be the cause for it!

I always lived in the premonition that love required a language that connects. I thought I could not love a person who never spoke my language. Seeing my sister and husband blissfully wed I broke that thinking. English has truly become a global language!

Anyways the wedding's over and I feel a strange peace now. I hope my sis has a happy married life!!


amna said...

i wish her all the luck, love and happiness in this world too :)

Anil P said...

And life goes on . . .

cm chap said...

Hi... Long time... All the best for her... For a moment I thought its u who got married

articles written by surendra said...
i think our likes matches!!!
thanks byee