Thursday, June 5, 2008

"Badi Mushkil" at HP

Last weekend was a memorable one in my life. We had a party at office for giving rewards to the top performers in the first half year. We won the trophy for being the “Best Team”. This was truly a moment of elate for our team. However there was something else that brought a sense of personal satisfaction.

After leaving engineering college I had not danced on a stage. I remember the last event being dancing for the farewell partied and ECE club activities. After that I have never danced for a crowd. Not that I haven’t wanted to, because I love dancing any time, any place..just that opportunities in office life are less. I do shake a leg once in a while on the dance floor when the DJ plays but that doesn’t count for a proper performance.

Last week, a colleague of mine and me, danced to “Badi mushkil” from Lajja and had a great time. When everyone in the audience cheered and clapped I was on top of the world. It gave me a kind of high that I had forgotten since a long time. I slept that night in that happiness!!


cm chap said...

WOW that's nice....

For long time now.. learng dance is my plan but nt hapng at all

Srinivas said...

Congrats for your success!! Do dance & be happy!!!