Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cool trip to Krishnagiri

Life in Bangalore City sometimes gets very monotonous. Everyone is cribbing about the traffic, the heat, the rush at the malls, the prices going high...The list is just never ending! Getting a break from all this is what I desire very often. And that's just what I got last week when I went to Krishnagiri Dam.

The drive to Krishnagiri is one of the best attractions of the trip. The road from Hosur to Krishnagiri is wide and straight. They are well maintained with trees on both sides. There are flowering plants between the double road too. Some portions of the road are cut through the mountains and thus are a beauty when travelling through them. The stops in between like Shoolagiri are breathtaking just to watch those towering hills!

The dam didn't give me a notion of much electricity being generated from the units. The water flow seems to be pretty less. But the reservoir is huge. Now for electricity generated and such trivia I would say who cares. I enjoyed the walk through the dam. I enjoyed the breeze. I enjoyed looking at the water before me. So I recommend this place to anyone who wants a break!


cm chap said...

Hmm so u enjoyed... I'm missg home :-(

Kavi said...

Happiness is in enjoying the smaller places !!

Pristine snaps !!

mirage said...

cool pics dude..:))))

Mukul said...

can you give me more details of KrishnaGiri?
How to go and what to expect? How far it is?
Will be ineterested in visiting.

Mukul said...

Would like to know more details about KrishnaGiri.
How to go? transport? how far? and what to do there?