Monday, August 25, 2008

Nokia to Motorola

Dear Friend,
I miss you so much.
I have had such a great time with you over the years.
I miss talking to you.
I miss holding you tight.
I miss playing with you.
I miss the times you would not respond to me.
I miss the times I bruised you when you fell.
I miss all the emotions attached to you.
I miss you my Nokia 3310.

Yes, finally it has happened. I have changed from my very first Nokia 3310. The battery died and I was given the option to either change the battery or go for a new one. I gave it a thought and it was a huge decision. This is the very first phone I bought with my money. I have shared a lot of emotions with this phone and also stood through all those envious eyes of people around when I said proudly that I have been using the same phone since 6 years!!

Now that it was time to change, I thought what the heck let me go for a complete change over. I bought a W270 Motorola with a 2GB expandable memory. It took me 3 days to shake off my comfort zone and accept my new companion. Now I am cool enjoying listening to the radio and music on the player and truly speaking that’s the only things I would do other than speak on my phone. Whatever, I’m loving it!!!