Monday, July 28, 2008

When the blasts rocked Bangalore!

It's Monday morning once again and today I am actually glad I am back at my desk in front of my comp. On Friday when I ran out of office, I had a blank mind. I don't remember if I shut down my PC, I don't remember if I saved my that moment nothing mattered at all!!

It was probably 2.30pm on Friday afternoon when we were alerted of the bomb blasts. For a second I was numb. I tried to call home immediately coz I was sure they would panic as soon as the news gets flashed on all channels. As expected the lines were jammed. The news was around that the transport from office was cancelled.

The next thought was not to stay in Electronic City and reach home as early as possible. Ironically I stay in Tavarekere that is walking distance from the places the first blasts happened. But I had stayed long enough in the area to know how to get back without touching those areas. I joined the guys who were leaving to get a drop to the nearest place accessible by auto. I reached home within half an hour that day thanks to deserted roads ;)

There was this feeling of unrest throughout the day of which most of it was spent watching the news. I was surprised to see how life went back to normal in no time. In fact at hostel the night shift girls were picked up to go to office as early as 6pm that was hardly hours after the blasts. The next day all seemed to be calm except the reduced traffic on the roads. I went out to Banshankari and Forum that day.

When I saw that there were still people going to the PVR Cinemas, shopping at the Westside sale etc on Saturday I knew that it takes a lot to take the spirit of a Bangalorean out of him. this is the only way we can combat terrorism too. Stand as one voice against it and be brave. What has to happen will happen. But it should not happen while we succumb to terrorism in fear!!!


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Kavi said...

glad that the spirit stays intact. am sure it will ! Equally glad that you & all friends are safe !

bangalore will bounce back. Am sure !