Tuesday, February 17, 2009

To write or not to write....

I have been bored or maybe plain busy. I think about my blog every day (or precisely night I should say) and think that why the hell am I not writing anymore.

No it is not that nothing is happening. Lots of things are happening on the professional and personal front. There are so many thoughts in my head everyday that I get psyched thinking of them everyday....but still I don't write..

I further ponder as to what the reasons could be. I think that life is transitioning. i feel that rather than talking what is on your mind and causing debates, keeping mum is the easier way out. Being like that in every day life has affected my blog as well. I feel I don't have to share anything with anyone. (Maybe I should try anonymous blogging) . sometimes I feel no one would be interested. Sometimes I feel that I don't feel anything at all.

But again when I think of this space something inside (and by now it's very deep inside) makes me want to write again. If not for anything else at least for lightening the thoughts that run through my head everyday. And thus I am back as a first step!


Dhanya said...

Who said no one is interested? You write for yourself the world will follow :) So keep writing..ok?

Menonkutty said...

Dont Stop writing.........JUST DO IT!!!

Jayashankar said...

Ah! What chechi...we are all waiting to see you write.
Come on...tell what is happening.

Write something on cost cutting(do you?).Heard you stoped eating tandoori!

or write somethin on something else which we can laugh at...

Come on...hello

Mukul said...

Atleast i follow ur blogs .. cos i write on similar lines .. thoughts having no boundaries and thoughts which keeps flowing.
So, dont stop writing! :)


SHUBHA said...

just dunno how came across your blog.. read it.. and found it so similar to my thoughts... i started writing in 2010... and suddenly stopped... but i am planning to start up again..will c ya soon.. and would welcome your comments... :)

Shubha Bhatt Bhasin