Monday, March 9, 2009

No change???

Sometimes life gets adjusted to no change at all. They say that change is the only thing in life that is constant. Wonder if that is so. Now life has become so stagnant that I am adjusted to the fact that nothing happens.

I am actually scared of change now. There are so many possibilities that change can bring that I am anxious about it. I am afraid that I may not live up to the expectations that it demands. There is one cult of people who say what happens in your life is what you do. Depending on your actions life goes forward. There is another cult who says that there is fate above all that decides your path.

I have always been confused as to which category I belong to. I believe in myself. I believe that I have the ability to change my life or do things according to what I want it to be. I have faced life in such a way that I have brought myself into just the scenarios that I wanted both personal and at work.

But still there is some force inside me that believes in fate. Fate that has bought me here. Fate that has brought me to where I am and what I am. I still am stuck at the crossroad where I don’t know whether I want to turn life to where I want it to go or should I leave fate to take its stride and wait for what it has in store for me.


amna said...

Do not wait for anything or anybody external to make changes to your life. Your life is yours for you to direct and mould the way you want.

atleast thats how i felt and that's how i decided to make my own changes. i am really really happy now :)

Kavi said...

Thats a pretty standard dilemma. And i must appreciate the fact that you have put it out so very lucidly !

Fate may be all pervasive. But to leave everything to fate would be worse than a tame surrender !

Take charge. Sieze the Moment ! You are here because in some form, you did seize the moment !!

All the best !


Anonymous said...

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Anil Sawan said...

y dnt u believe in ur self vidya? why fate? why cant you think that your decisions and your way of thinking made you reach where you are? why do u need support of an hypothetical concept to live your dreams? wud luv to here from ya . u take care :)

Unknown said...

good one, vil cum again..

Anonymous said...

humm tats u have to think twiceeeeeeeeee

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do bigha zameen said...

hey write more often !!

Vikminator said...

Hey lifesimplyrocks....

yeah you are right "Sometimes life gets adjusted to no change at all"

I totally agree, it was your this blog that has pushed me to think on my perspective with a new angle altogether. Thanks to you i have started my own blogspot, m not a great writer but just releasing my freaking mind.
Thanks a lot, u have rocked my life.


Pankaj Mahor said...

I Love U