Saturday, November 25, 2017

Do Children Teach You To Control Your Temper?

When this question is posed, the immediate reaction would be "YES" . Things however have been different for me. Having a child taught me what temper is.

Through my single years ( sigh...that seems like a dream today ) I was known to be a cool cucumber. I bet you would never find one person who said she is hot headed. In the most panic situations at work I always kept my cool, never broke down and loved challenges in my path. Be it managers or my team mates I never lost my temper with anyone. And yeah I was proud of it !

Fast forward a few years to when I got married. I was again riding that bubble. I was calm with my husband. We passed our honeymoon phase with flying colors be it with parents,relatives, in laws,friends, everyone. But then the bubble burst when I became a mom. I was introduced to Mr. Temper in my life.

I found it so difficult to keep my calm. Each day I was faced with situations that made me want to scream, want to walk away, made me think why I don't get it right or why is it that I got such a difficult toddler. Negative thoughts would flood my mind. I knew these were because of his growing need for independence. He would want to do the tiniest of things himself which we would not be able to and the next second would be rolling on the floor , yelling. He didn't want me to do it for him neither would he be able to do it himself. And I would reach the boiling point in minutes.

So now that I knew Mr. Temper has entered my life I knew it's time to show him Who's the boss. I just had to keep him on check. So I think positive. I make myself believe that it's ok as long as I'm trying, learning and wanting to be better. I picture the ideal me . I work to attain it but also keep in mind that it is not realistic to be that way all the time. I am not perfect. So I'm ok with it now.  

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