Saturday, November 25, 2017

New Life,Old Passion

7 years.They flew by. I flew too. From the land of my career and craziness, Bangalore to the sands of the United Arab Emirates.Along that journey came my soul mate and then a little soul who I brought into this world.

Is there something that is the opposite of the 7 year itch?Where you start missing people or things that you loved most in your life after 7 years of being away? Well I don't know if there is . But yes, I missed myself. I missed being on this space where I connected with myself, where I expressed myself, where I penned down memories or where I just wrote what I wanted to, where I was me. Not a wife, not a mommy (ten thousand times a day) , but just me!

So this is an attempt just to get to know the new me. So sure that my thought process would never be the same as 7 years back, my life experiences never the same. Maybe this blog will just turn out to be a space for a stay at home mom to rant out her feelings but it will be me. So well "marhabaan"

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