Thursday, December 6, 2007


It's been a long time I haven't returned to my blog. Yeah, I could reason this too...but well it's my space right!! The reason is very silly according to most people...I missed my weekend!! There were 30 others who were in the same plight but somehow i seem to be affected more than others.

It is always said that whenever we miss something we understand it's importance. I thought we miss people near to us and objects dear to us. I looked forward to weekend most times but never missed them. Last week we had an training program for two days. Both Saturday and Sunday and for 9 hours. Oh no!I have still not recovered from the fact that I did not have a weekend.

I am all cranky at the moment. I feel frustrated. I feel like blasting everyone at small instances. I even feel like taking an off and sitting at home. Don't get the wrong ideas that I have this oh so important work to do in the weekend or out of the world handsome guy i have to meet. Hmm..nothing at all..but I need the weekend to refresh.

I just lay on my bed and think of how I did nothing through out the week. I plan for great things to do during the coming week and then the next week I am back to same square!! but I love it that way. It refreshes me when I think of no work for those 2 days. I am one of those persons who clearly draws the line between personal and professional life. So out of the 9 hours in office, sorry boss I don't think of work!!!

So I am still cranky but then hey ...It's Friday tomorrow. So next Monday a new beginning. I promise myself!!


Soul said...

Welcome back ....

Dhanya said...

Yeh even I don't like it when I;m forced to miss a weekend.. I try to compensate by taking off during the week.. ;) Anyway hope you are enjoying the much awaited weekend :)