Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Confused and bothered!!!

How difficult is it to be difficult from the others? How do you begin when you want to do something that maybe no one has done before? ...

I wonder who made rules that life should be lived like this or like that?
Who said we should work in the day and sleep at night?
Who said we should use money system instead of barter?
Who said children should be in school for the first quarter of their life?
Who said people should get married and then raise the next generation?

I wonder what life was before these so called social norms came into place..The social norms when they were made should have been a revolution on itself, right? How did people start accepting these social norms? What did those people undergo to make this change? Were they accepted or ridiculed in the beginning?

I know all norms are being broken in the 21st century but we hear them as stories across the globe. I wonder how it would me if I had to raise this wave of change? There are many decisions I want to take breaking norms?

Then on a lighter note I do accept norms too. I know there would be chaos if everyone thought the same. But I wish my world could accommodate some changes from my end!!! I hope it would!!!


Soul said...

does life really rocks for you...? It seems so from your posts? well mine is not rocking that well...!!!!

Dhanya said...

There is no rule that we should live according to these norms :) I make my own ;)

me said...

Guess it has been ages since I looked at ur blog, lifes so very hectic now that I am back to academics, so whats happening with you, looks like life is not all that rocking?

Soul said...

My dear dear dear dear Life Rocks....!!!!

Do not give up on human race. No i am not spoiling my life for any person. If I love somebody in this world is myself.Yeah I know it was a meaningless relation. You stood beside me in this tough time. I am extremely thankful to you my unknown friend.My post will never have anymore word about that girl and it is a promise.

Unknown said...

First time here. Your thoughts are interesting. What can be even more interesting is the questions can be deeper right. Here is my take

you ask - Who said we should work in the day and sleep at night?

Answer - Definition of night and day are again symbolic and based on norms. We can switch the labeling (make day into night and night into day) and your question can be answered. Hence the fundamental question is the definition of day and night.

you ask - Who said we should use money system instead of barter?

Again money or barter. Both are norms established. Who defined barter as a mode of exchange?

Similar arguments can be made for norms. Society is built on norms as you said in order to avoid chaos. Social interaction cannot exist without a set of ground rules.

People were forced to accept rules because that would ensure the optimal usage of resources at our disposal. Does it mean such norms cannot be broken?

Absolutely NO! We live in a system which is dynamic by nature. People are breaking the norm every day. Why be left behind. Be the leader not the follower! Enjoy :-)

Anonymous said...

hehe..reminds me one of my own posts that i'd written ..
i believ that i can do whatever i want, live the way i want to,
as long as whtever ppl comments about my 'weird' ways :D!
comin here after a loooong time!TC!

Soul said...

u r reading the monk who sold his ferrari !!!!

Soul said...

I have posted a short story on my post. Read it and please comment on the same

Soul said...

It takes time my dear friend

Soul said...

R u a mallu


hope it wll, it shld .
heyya , grt blog!

Soul said...

Hey..where r u ?
It is a long time that you have left your blog alone..

Sudha said...

Change takes time.Above all understanding helps in smooth change.There are many things which are only systems, like getting up in the earling morning and they are not morale (to be followed strict-like eating ,if we did not eat we die).Many people think systems are morale and that attitude makes change difficult.