Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Distance makes the heart fonder..

I know that if I were to tell one of those madly in love couples, they would never agree with me, but I do believe that "Distance makes the heart fonder." I have noticed this in many occassions right from the years I start knowing what emotions are. I wouldn't say that phase existed when I was studying abroad. At that time life was just a turmoil for studies. I don't remember a time I felt deeply for anything else. But life changed once I came down to Kerala.

The first I missed was family. In the first few years when I met them only once a year, I used to long to be with them. I missed mom's cookig and even complimented her for the first time in 19 years. I felt I realised their importance and place in my life. I also realised that they treated me very different from what it was when I was with them. They always loved me but this time they were expressive about it.

During college times, as I stayed in hostel far away from home and went down every 2 or 3 months for a short period, again I felt the same affection! I have experienced the same with friends. I miss them occassionally but know how much I actually missed them when I see them after a long time.

Even now I experience this feeling in another sense. When I am with a group for a long time I don't feel the emotions what I actually feel for them. It's only when I don't talk to them for a long time does my heart grow fonder. As it is I have never been able to maintain friend ship by a continuous every day contact. I prefer my space and give them theirs, and love them all!!!

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