Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Week Review

Been a long tme that I haven't blogged. Two weeks maybe. Not that I never had the time, just that I was lazy. Now thinking about it, what have I been doing since the past weeks? Nothing much other than cricket, cricket and more cricket!!

Life revolves around IPL and its many controversies. I have been thinking about the matches, the gorgeous players, the cheerleaders, the BJP comments about them, Bajji-Sreeshanth hussle and Shah Rukh Khan!! Oh what entertainment. I never wanted to post any comments on any topic because enough have been said and forgotten ;)

That brings me to next enertainment - Shah Rukh Khan. He's all over TV . He's at IPL, he has a new show on Star TV on which he is absolutely lovable! I am just lapping up all I can get of him. I don't think he has any movie releases this year .

Work has been going good. changes everyday and thus new challenges. Keeps the energy kicking! Didn't go anywhere, no shopping done, no exploration done...hmm...now it sounds boring!! Let's see time to bring some excitement into "Life Rocks"


cm chap said...

Hmm. ur havg gret fun ...huh

Jayashankar said...

See your SRK is crying.

His team is a flop.Hahahaha

Kavi said...

inertia...! hmm. Nice !

cm chap said...

Another 2 weeks gone now.. no blogging