Friday, July 25, 2008

In a relationship, then flaunt it!!

The latest trend in Bollywood seems to be stars going public about their relationships. These may be within industry or outside it. Way back in times it used to be a very hush hush affair. The love affairs used to be just rumours or denied by the stars saying “We are just friends!”

Of late relationships are more open. I guess it began with John and Bipasha who started accepting their relationship. This was followed by Shahid-Kareena, Preity Zinta-Ness Wadia etc and the latest among them being Deepika-Ranbhir Kapoor and Imran-Avantika. Flaunting the fact that one is in a relationship seems to be “in” now no matter how long it lasts for later. ;)

It just seems to be a reflection of our society itself. Parents seem to be accepting the fact that their sons have girlfriends or the other way around. The better half is taken home and introduced to the family in the early stages of a relationship itself. Celebrity couples seem to be behaving just like normal couples.

Whenever I spend time at Forum Mall in the weekends and see teen couples moving around, watching movies together, shopping or just sitting and talking I realize that the society has moved far beyond what I saw in my teens. There were hardly people in love when I was in school. There used to be just rumours and many of them just remained so. Not many had the courage to bring up a relation to the public or family front and many loves were just buried with time. Times change!!


Kavi said...

Thats livelihood !!

Kavi said...

The times have indeed changed. The world is now much more of an open place !!