Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Jaane Tu..Ya Jaane Na

I have a hum on my lips today. I feel all bubbled up. I am chirpy and happy. Now don’t have a misconception that there is something “special” happening. This big “smile” is all due to “Janne Tu..ya Janne Na”. I seem to be smiling remembering the instances in the movie and humming “Pappu can’t dance Salla!”

I have always been a movie freak. I never miss an opportunity to watch a movie at any time available. There are times I feel like seeing intelligent cinema and there are times I just want to push back and watch something that makes me happy! The reason to land up watching this movie was the songs that are already a hit. The reviews for the movie in papers have not been good but I was reading a few blog reviews and I found a majority to have liked it. So I thought “What the heck! Let me check it out!”

I loved it from the beginning till the end. The story line maybe cliché and predictable but the treatment is fresh and good. As I watched the movie I could so much relate to the characters I saw on screen. I saw my college mates and office mates at various instances in the movie. There were those silent, unspoken crushes, thick friend who move apart when they fall in love with other people, couples having a special song, and so many more.

I looked around me and there was the entire crowd enjoying each minute of the movie. Everyone was having a roller coaster laughing session. There were also those “Oh so cute” moments in the movie. I seriously wonder whether they make those romantic and honest type guys anymore.

Overall the star of the movie is Abbas Tyrewala! He wrote the story, script, dialogues, and lyrics and directed the movie. Hats off to him! Imran Khan is good for a debutant. He looks like Aamir in the song sequence where he dresses up in a big mustache ( Remember Aamir in RDB) Genelia seems to have perfected these roles with Bommirillu(Telugu), Santosh Subramanian (Tamil) and now this one. Nasurrudin Shah and Ratna are perfect and hilarious. All in all, I loved the movie and I came out with a smile that still lingers when I think about it. A total entertainer!

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Kavi said...

So you too !! Glad to have agreement !!! It indeed was a good movie !