Monday, March 22, 2010


After the Harry Potter series, I wondered if there was a series that would grip me so strong. I spent the last few years reading Harry Potter (HP) so many times over and over again and I loved each one of it for the heights of imagination that it would take me to. Now I am blinded once again by the “Twilight” Series.


When I got the space to sit back and enjoy the first book and it was definitely “Love at first read.” The author Stephenie Meyer has hit the right cords as the series has the correct blend of romance and suspense. It shakes the gory images of vampires and makes you want to fall in love with one desperately!!

The romance in the book is very heartwarming, one that goes through all turmoils, confusions and its own innocent highs. The suspense is very plot oriented and the book is hard to put down. (Thank God I had the weekend to finish it). I read all the books over 2 weeks and watched part 1 and 2 in the movie hall. now looking forward to the next release in June!


Serendipity said...

Its almost a year since you posted :P.Ok , next time I hit the book store , will definitely pick one up

R.E.M.Y.A said...

hey sis, hafta totally agree with u on this.....i luv this all da four books in this series....TWILIGHT ROCKS!!( Hmmn or should i say Edward rocks? hehe)