Thursday, November 8, 2007

Happy Diwali!!

Today is Diwali. Thanks to all my Singaporean and Malaysian customers I have an off day today. But alas! What to do with a single day in between and hundreds of collegues applying for that Friday off?? Here I am at office. Now what would I have done if I was not at office is the big question!!

I could have watched a movie...but PVR is going to be worse than city market today. But yes, a grand city market all decked up with lights.
I could have gone shopping....but I have nothing to buy after all the shopping I did at Singapore and Malaysia (yeah, yeah..I can't stop talking about it!)
I could have gone out with friends...but most of them have gone home and the others are celebrating Diwali at home.
I could have spent time sleeping at home...but what to do too many crackers and cracker bombs going "Boom" every minute. I should have some intoxicant to sleep in that noise.
I could watch TV at hostel...but again the volume of the TV can't beat the volume of these "patake".

So here I am at office, watching movies, hanging out with all the jobless at hostel friends (just like me!!), going out to eat for lunch and falling asleep occassionally. In other words office is the place I get to do all of it and have a gala time too..


cm chap said...

Ha Ha... What a reason to go to office... I'm also in office checking ur blog on Diwali day since its a working day here n Canada

amna said...

haha.. that sounds like fun! also, it might be a good idea for you to start thinking about coming to blore . my roommate is going to be away for almost a month and a half. so come over and we can call indu also over. what say?