Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A new door opens

And now I am back and settled. Now that a week has gone past after the trip I feel settled. the excitement of the trip never died down till this weekend. Narrating stories of the place, laughing over the stupidness we did, just couldn't get over it. Now I feel my legs back on the ground!!

It feels great however. A new sense of belonging that I feel towards the company. I mean.... I was shocked the first time I was told I was chosen. It's not even a year i have been here. I hardly know all the people here very well...and I got chosen to go. I accept it is based on performance etc etc but still the feeling that "Yes they chose me!!" took a long time to sink in.

I know it seems like beating the drums here but the sense of belonging I mentioned has taken me up fully. There is a new dimension in which I look at my team, the issues that come up everyday. I just feel some responsibility towards the entire setup. This feels like taking me into some new dimension. I just hope this is a new beginning!!


Karthick said...

After reading your posting, feels that you are into next phase of your career :).

Keep Growing......

Sudha said...

Wihes to ur career.