Wednesday, November 14, 2007


How many times have you done something or said something that you think is for good and it has turned out to be the reverse? Well, this could something said maybe just giving it a moment's thought or even after hours and still things go wrong!!! I hate it when that happens. At times I feel there is no need of giving anything a thought at all. When it is concerning people I am not really concerned about..well I should say I don't care(or do I??) But when it is involves people who mean something in my life, I am hurt. More than hurt I am angry at myself thinking why I am so.

Even though empathising, standing in someone else's shoes, all are simple to say, are we able to project ourselves so much that we are able to think what the person in front would react in the situation. I have missed in most occassions frankly. I feel I understand some people but then at times I feel I am with a total stranger. Those scenarios put me off completely. I am not angry at the other person. I am just at dilemma as to why I never understand them.

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