Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Oh!! Those boring conversations...

I am doing a special thesis over some weeks and the topic is “How to handle boring conversations?”

There seem to be people all over these days and thanks to the Airtel commercial they really believe that all problems can be sorted out by talking. So they begin conversations out of the blue that you just don’t want to be a part of. I have been thinking about ways to get out of these for a long, long time and here are some I think work:

  • Say “Oh please! Not this topic again. I have been discussing this all week.” That kind of puts off people and stop blabbing!
  • Suddenly act as if your mobile phone in vibration mode is ringing and you are in some serious talk over the phone. (Caution : Make sure your phone is in “Silent” through out the conversation.)
  • Act as if you want to use the rest room. (Ha ha..no one can question you here!)
  • Start talking about totally disconnected topics that diverts interests.
  • If it is a talk that you don’t have to respond to, then just look at the person and keep thinking of other “interesting” topics.

I am still thinking of more methods but alas here starts off one more of those “leading to nowhere” talks.

P.S : Please give me some tested tips ;)

I am supplementing this case with more inputs from others around me.

  • Concentrate hard on your computer screen or anything else all of a sudden.
  • Just remain quiet and don't comment. Maybe put up an awkward smile. The other person might just stop!


kammommy said...

the best n probably the most disgusting but highly effective way would be to pass wind loudly n unapologetically....

Kavi said...

How about holding up a placard saying something wierd like...'Keep shut and have everybody guessing you are a fool or open your mouth & remove all doubt' ?

I like that slogan !

Anonymous said...

In regards to the second bullet.. they have an Iphone application now that lets you set fake phone calls (with voice overs and everything) to interrupt an unpleasant conversation! Pretty legit. Volume One just wrote an article about it..check it out here: