Thursday, January 3, 2008

Is life in Metros no more safe for women?

Just last week I wrote on the similar lines. Now that New Year's eve is past, the horrors of the night have surfaced. There have been numerous reports all over the country but the Mumbai incident is more gross than any I have read. I would not go into details at all. It sickens me. Read the NDTV report here.

I was shocked while reading this report. Moreover there was a chill down my spine to think of the fact that I am not safe in my surroundings.Metros seem more dangerous than villages. Back home in Kerala, girls don't go out in the night after 7 or 8. So the chances seem less. There is no safe feeling saying "I am going out with my parents/husband/boyfriend/friend circle". What could anyone do when faced with such a crowd of hooligans?? The thought scares me.

What disturbs me even more is to wonder "I agree the mob would have been drunk. But didn't even one guy from them have a least bit of sense to know what they were doing was wrong!!!" What's happening to humanity? We talk about rape cases as specific incidents. We talk about gang rapes also one off hand incident. We blame gang rapesin rural parts on ignorance. So what are we going to classify this incident in which such a large number of people are involved in one of the prime spots of the most mordernized cities of India on????

It disgusts me. It pains me. I am scared to go out in the night, alone or otherwise too.


Kavi said...

I share your pain. Not sure where we are headed. India where we welcomed tourists with folded hands is becoming unsafe for our own people !

Kay said...

happy new year!It's been quite a while since I've logged in.Shall now read ur posts!