Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Malaysia- Romance in the air!!!

If Singapore was more of shopping and Sentosa Island, Malaysia was more of sightseeing! There were so many places we saw. The best was obviously the Patronus Twin Tower. It was as magnificient as what I read and heard about or maybe more than that. It did bring back the Sep 11 memory to my mind but here stood the towering Patronus in all grandeur.

The Menara tower is the fourth tallest tower in the world. Looking down at the entire city of KL from there is just a thrilling experience. You just can say there were only 3 places in the world that was above me at that time but still I was on top of the world!!

The Batu caves were another lifetime experience. Here we were climbing the 272 steps to reach the opening the cave. There were drops of water trickling from above that seemed like the Gods showering blessings. The peace and quiet of the place enthralled me even more. There is this golden statue of Lord Subramaniam that is visible from miles away before reaching the caves.

We also went to other places like the Titiwahsan park, Merdecca Circle, Empire building and how can I forget the famous Genting Island!!!One thing I understood is it is really a place for romance and people in love. Huge parks, quiet country sides...aah...and I went alone...Sigh!!!


cm chap said...

WOW Thats nice.

I'm gonna visit world's tallest tower this weekend.

Sudha said...

Good narration.Good photos.

Srinivas said...

So u been to malaysia already..good..just a small correction its Petronas Twin Tower