Thursday, February 22, 2007

Naach meri jaan naach naach!

Another of my passions in life is dancing. I guess all those friends of mine who have known me well enough can vouch for that for sure. I have always felt the zing in me when on the dance floor…Hey really don’t need a floor….Bus, class room or even rest room… anything will do!!! It’s just the way I find to unlock all the energy in me. When I’m really happy or down dance has cured everything.
I’ve learnt dance from the time my dad thought he couldn’t do anything about me standing in front of the TV and swaying away. Learnt classical in the beginning and then college life introduced me to cinematic and impromptu dancing.
But on a funny note I found someone else also who shares the same views on dancing. “Dancing was my hobby during my school days. I still dance sometimes with friends at parties, but that is only for pleasure." said Sreesanth. When I read this in the newspaper I watched the news to check it out. I also did check out the same on the net. Hey this guy is cool man! I personally couldn’t have done that even at the highest moment of achievement. Not that those instances are many….(he he)
Check it out for yourself
Can you believe this chap is an accomplished break-dancer? Not such a stunning revelation, considering the jig you see on his matches. To top it all India’s newest pace sensation was a national break-dance champion while in his eighth standard. And it’s something he is very, very proud of, even if he doesn’t admit it.
Even though I’m not a cricket freak, enjoyed this jig in the morning newscast and it was really hilarious and entertaining.


Anonymous said...

Wanna dance?

Unknown said...

Well, that's a politically correct way to laught at someone :)! but i donno this all this.. so i said : Horrible! it was horrible watching that on TV! ha ha