Monday, February 26, 2007

The war continues....

Ok all the Tamilians who happen to pounce on this please forgive me. This is purely an individualistic situation and thus an individualistic expression!!!
For the past two weeks, as Tamil channels were off air in our area there was a lot of peace at hostel. The cable operators in Karnataka seemed to think that blanking out Tamil channels is a way to protest against Tamils. Well I really don’t think I want to comment about the topic but I had fun at my PG due to this.'s like this....There is always a clash concerning viewer-ship rights in our PG. And as every where else it works on the “Survival of the Fittest” theory. Or perhaps a modified theory – “Arrival of the Fastest”. Explaination of the theory as quoted from “Vidya’s experiments with everyday truths” :

“The person X who arrives at the closest location to the television and takes control of the remote gets to remain in control of the same through out the day. If person X wishes to retire, control passes to the hands of Y chosen by X”.

Thus the fight continued in the PG everyday. Thanks to the timings HP offers me I’m usually the winner . But there is a new race every day. For a few days the competition was suspended.(Thanks to the cable operators once again.) But now things seem to be back to usual.
Very frankly, at the bottom of my heart I just wished that just like they took 17 years to take a decision on the Kaveri issue they would have taken Tamil channels off air for another 17 years!!! I know… usual….asking for toooooooo much!!!

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