Monday, February 19, 2007

A wild ride to Bandipur

A place I really wanted to go to…It had been long since a lot of colleagues talked about this place so when some of my friends said “Why not go here???” I literally jumped on this opportunity. I mean why not!!!! I am a trip freak. Take me to any new place I’m always at my best.
Bandipur turned out to be beyond my expectations. It was living with nature to the word. It’s located at the foothills of Mysore-Ooty highway. The place is a beauty with lush green and that really drove us wild. From Bandipur we drove another few kilometers to our cottage, ‘Tiger Ranch’. This private cottage is at the heart of deep forest. With about 8 private huts, the cottage provides you with an amazing experience of staying deep inside the forest. The cottage is made of bamboo and so are the cots.
The night at the cottage was awesome. Imagine yourself in the midst of a jungle staying at a hut. The fierce wind making some horrible sounds and the darkness playing havoc all around!!! The night was so cold that I was hugging myself in spite the warm clothes and blankets. Believe it or not there is no generator functioning after 11 in the night. So you are left with just a lantern for the rest of the night in the deep jungle.
The trip was a major experience to me. After all the routine life at office, it was a time to break free. All the dancing, singing and trekking made me feel closer to myself all over again. The trek was so serene. We were watching out for all the strange flora that I had never seen before.
On the way back we stopped at a sunflower garden which was heavenly. Just felt straight out of those movies..Remember Tujhe dekha tho in DDLJ?? I really recommend a trip to anyone who is looking for a weekend get away with peace.

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Shwetha said...

never knew that u would write such beautiful essays good job!!!!!!!!!!1baby