Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Oh my life’s blacking out!!!

Hey don’t worry pals…not that the long dark hands of evil are striking me or anything of that sort. I’m not even at one of those 6 couple movies that makes you faint at the end. All that’s happening is power cuts in Bangalore over the past week.
Can you imagine there was a 13-hour shutdown faced by huge parts of the city on Sunday? I had absolutely nowhere to go on Saturday. Thought I would watch a Malayalam movie on TV. I did watch it but only bits and pieces. The movie got so distorted that after some time I didn’t know what was happening at all.
I brave myself and say so what if I can’t watch TV. I have umpteen things to do other than that. I settled on my favourite reading but again no light to read. Thought I’ll wash my clothes for the weekend and then reality struck hard……. No power, no motor. No motor, no water……..eeeks!!
And like an icing on the cake there is water shortage as well!!! No groundwater or the controversial Kaveri water as they call it and no tap water too. The government has notified that water supply may be rationed in the coming months - once in three days to six days - depending on the situation. Now how bad can that get???
So this is going to be a daily situation…Think I’ll have to live with it. When I’m in this dilemma guess what’s the government’s problem is!! When to shut down power??? Reason - The World Cup matches will be telecast live between 7 pm and 3 am and obviously people are expected to be glued to their television sets during these nights. Even worse these days also mark the examination time in the state. So, students taking their ever important CBSE and SSLC exams have to study by candle light.
Really after all this I think I have a better position in all this mess……..I don’t watch cricket and I have passed those exams long back. So coming to think of it……….Oh well so who needs power anyways!!!


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