Friday, February 16, 2007

One night @ the call center

Just read Chetan Bagath’s “One Night at the Call center”. It’s a pretty ok-ok kind of a book. True it is one of the kind where a writer has taken the pain to understand the traumas faced by these call center employees. He has made an effort to understand how a normal night at work place could be. Yeah some of the instances were real life like- the cab driver and guys sharing the cigarette, the smoking lot, the breaks, the coffee through the night, characters….pretty fine!!!
Even though I was impressed by it at the first read when I really got to thinking about it, it kind of left me blank and without an opinion. Was this another Bollywood masala in the making?? Another one filled with romance, tragedy, comedy, life, sob stories… Pretty much the same content, right and to top it all the happy ending too that really doesn’t work guys!!!
It is a book too casual to read. BPO life is very hard as people has to work at night shifts, but I think the author wrote a book for the mass & not just for the BPO employees. It actually portrays the brighter part of the story I should say. Life as I have seen working these night shifts could get even worse.
It gives you the hope that there is a way out but in 99% cases that go before my eyes I find that there is no escape. People here are stuck due to reasons so many. Some educational qualifications, some family problems, financial constraints…the list goes on.
Anyways it’s worth a read. Simple English, the story keeps going…Check it out!!

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