Friday, February 23, 2007

It’s a jungle out here….

Oh my god!!! After all the 2 months (almost..) there is a huge commotion in office. All thanks to our new “Talk the talk” program. Well nothing much… all you have to do is talk only in English. Sounds pretty simple but the noise it’s making on the floor here is hilarious. Each person who speaks in any regional language has to shell out money into the box (generously contributed by someone on the floor). The money too is Rs. 10, 20 and 30 depending on hierarchy.
The major contributor is our manager, Mr. Biju Pillai. Poor guy is so used to speaking all the slangs possible in Hindi even though he hails from Kerala, god’s own country. Now that… I really wonder why???? But whatever…. he seems to be screaming that half my salary is going to go like this. I think that probably going to happen too. Deep condolences from my heart to him. Due to all that now he seems to be going around picking on others talking in regional language and sometimes even making them talk to!! He he…some people can get desperate to get more people in the gang.
Not only him, looks like each one is picking on the other here. The funniest was when someone said, “Maa Kasam!! I didn’t speak in Hindi.” Shell out the money again dear!! By the way looks like all our cool talks and chit chatting is soon going to be done away with. As one of my team members, Shashi points out, “Is this some way of getting us to just do our job and nothing else??” Well……I really don’t know!!

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