Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Chocolate anyone?

I’m in great mood this week…The reason you may ask….It’s my birthday on July 1rst!!! Happy Birthday to me…And that has a new look starting today…I changed my template after months of troubleshooting! I just realised how illiterate I am on these stuff..It was something to do XML format supported by the new blogger!..Whatever!!

I chose this template because I love chocolates. Moreover chocolates are supposed to be the greatest anti-depressants. There are different theories for this..Arguments for and against..But I prefer to suit myself. I prefer them to anything else!!

Moreover another significance, I am taking off all the depressions for the year. Starting a new year with new hopes. So this week I’ll cry off all those sniffs and start at a fresh page!!


Kay said...

hey there,ur blog looks yummy.Reminded me of a big galaxy bar.I may not be able to wish u for ur birthday on time cuz I'm gonna be travelling that day,gonna meet my parents.So here's wishing u a very,very happy birthday well in advance.Have a great time n a wonderful year.Did u take the harry potter quiz???I'd love to read the book u have,u can mail it to me on!!

cm chap said...

Vidya.. Amazing Template.. I simply love it. offcourse I love chcolates too. Advance Happy Birthday Wishes. So any oath for this B'day?

BTW..Where did u get this template?

Kavi said...

Hey ! Happy Birthday...!

And chocolates..they are a favourite with me as well !

May this day be a great harbinger of the fantastic times to come !

All the very best. And may this blog evolve too !

Happy birthday once again

Life Rocks!!! said...

Hey thanks people for your wishes...I'm looking forward to the day! And this is template from Do check it out...Has some nice ones...Just the XML ones go for new blogger

Impressionist said...

Happy Birthday Vidya! :)
Have a wonderful year ahead!
have a blast today! ;)
may success touch your feet

peace & love

Impressionist said...

lovely template btw! :)

Serendipity said...

Aha! Goodie ! I landed on the right day :)

LR , Many Happy returns of the day :) !
Hope you have a fantastic year!

PS: I love the heart in the sand , and the waves reaching out , looks grand!

Anonymous said...

Hey Vidya,
Happy B'day
Wish you a great year ahead.
Am a reader of your blog occassionaly. Writes good:-)

Life Rocks!!! said...

Thanks for all your wishes and coz of which I had a great birthday!!