Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Venky's wedding!!

Been a long time I have posted anything…Was just busy over the past week. I had to attend one of my close friend’s wedding last week. Had heaps of fun!! The reception day was full of masti where we danced and sang till late night with lots of food. I was amazed at how much jovial these people can be…I mean the last thing I expect in Kerala wedding is the bride and groom’s family dancing to “Appidi podu, podu”

There were some customs I found very amusing. One was the Kashi Yatre, where the groom pretends to be very angry as nobody is searching for a bride for him. So my friend went off with a walking stick, an umbrella, a fan, a coconut, a small packet of rice and dal, and a dhoti. He was then brought back by the bride’s relatives who convince him that they would give him their girl…( LOL…Indian rituals!)

Another amusing one is where the bride is brought to the mandap and no one is supposed to see her face, so the bride and groom stand on the either side of a white cloth. And I still don’t know why they stood in buckets during the wedding…Anyone please explain this to me…The last bit is the fun part where Okhli is played. The groom’s ring is dipped in the colored water and the bride and her brothers have to search for it. Other games like throwing coloured rice on each other, rocking a doll in cradle and what not!!
I had lots of fun at the wedding and was curious all the time as to what happens next!!


Jayashankar said...

Everything is in Kerala too...So it is there everywhere,the same rituals.Everything has a message and a meaning

Impressionist said...

nice post!
glasd to know u had fun!

peace & love

Kay said...

Hey there,
Thanks for stopping by.Yeah,I'm a big,big movie buff too.Did u finally watch cheeni kum??
The wedding description's nice.Did u find out why they stood in buckets??That was the first thing I noticed too when I saw the pic,before reading the post!Methinks it probably to collect the akshata(rice) so that they dont step on it later!!