Monday, June 18, 2007

Dad and Mom!

Lots has been happening over the last week. It was Father’s Day yesterday, a day dedicated to all those lovely dadas ,papas , acchas , appas and those lovely fathers who have shaped our lives. The fact is whenever I think of my father I’m unable to think of him alone. My mom and he come as a single entity to me. All in all the word family!

Dad and mom have been an important part of shaping my life to what it is now…I often feel that more than the motivation or inspiration they have been for me I would love to thank them for their non interference. I know you didn’t understand..Let me try to put this in words….

I was brought up in Muscat where kids and their parents stay in close proximity. You have nothing called public transport or places to hang out. So we were always at home with parents. This is where parents drove children crazy pestering them about school and studies.

My parents never once told me to study. They never asked me about what I was doing. They never scheduled my studies, TV time, outings anything at all…They never compared me to anyone in school..They didn’t mind when I sat to watch the World Cup just the day before my Board exams…

When I joined engineering too…I don’t think they knew how many semesters I had or what subjects I did. They just did not know!!! But they were my moral support..When I complained saying studies were tough, they smiled and said I could do it…When I came down to Kerala alone, they just said “We trust you!” No advices, no cribbing…

I love my parents…I don’t need any special day to tell them that…But on a second thought I never tell them any day…I guess some feelings are better understood than said….


cm chap said...

Beautifully said... Some feelings are better understood than said.... And the feeling for Dad & Mom is the most.

Impressionist said...

rightly said!
I loved the last lines!
same with the case with my parents! they dont even know wht subjects i have in my BCA! :)
hehe! i love them they've always loved & trusted me on everything! I will always remain indebted to them throughout my life!

Kay said...

Nice post.Started to feel homesick after reading it.Sometimes,we take our parents for granted so often that we dont realise how much they do for us,without expecting anything in return huh?Btw,another coincidence,my parents live in Muscat too!I was brought up in Dubai n they moved to Muscat once I started my grad!!!There isnt any movie playing this weekend after JBJ is there???So u have an excuse :-)

Kavi said...

Wonderfully written !

I thought so too. That it is best to keep it inside and thought it would be understood by various actions.

A couple of years ago, a friend urged me to say my thoughts to them. It felt awkward saying it. But then, it made a world of a difference to them and who they were !

From then on, i say it ! At every occassion i get. It still sometimes feels odd saying it. But then, the results are worth it ! Why do you try..!

accidental diva said...

Wonderfully written ...since I will be moving away from my parents within the next few days...ur post totally made me senti:)

I esp. loved the last line of your post.:):) but maybe I will just tell it out loud for once..what say:):)