Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Happy Friendship Day

Friendship day… Again another day to remember all those friends who have been a part of your life… Again not that you need a day to acknowledge their importance in your life. When I was receiving all those SMS and mails over the last few days, I really wondered how to reply back.

These maybe friends I chat with once in a while, scrap when there is news to share or call once in a while. And I was really embarrassed to send them a deep friendship message that talked of walking the path of life through roses and thorns.

Then I began to wonder, is it that they don’t mean much to me? Is it that I don’t have feelings for them? No chance!! It’s just the way friendship is. The depth or meaning of friendship does not decrease with increase in distance (Hey! I still remember my inverse proportion law) But somehow the waves of life just takes us forward. Go to office, Come back, sleep… the routine repeats in a vicious circle. Sometimes when I sit back during the weekend, I remember old times and old friends and all the good times spent together!

Today what I am is a lot because of friends around me. Apart from my parents they have seen me through the walk of life. Habits, behaviour, tempers, outlook to life everything is what friends shaped them into. I value all of them the same.

But I guess the best friendships are those that end up with that once in a blue moon contact and still brings a smile to your face. Love you all!!!


SeePearrl said...

thats a cute one....Happy Friendship day!

SANTHOSH said...

hey hi,
just noticed your comment on my blog.
btw, came by your orkut profile when i was searching for a long lost friend of mine.

Kavi said...

Lovely piece..!

happy friendship day

amna said...

hope you had a great day :)

I didnt reply to those heartfelt messages either.. like u, didnt know what to send back!

Dhanya said...

Hey Happy Frienship day to u too :)
Me too bang on friends a lot n my life mostly revolves around them ;)

Impressionist said...

belated happy friendship's day vidya!
rock on!

peace & love

cm chap said...

Happy Friendship Day (Belated..he he)

amna said...

what happened? no post for such a long time?