Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Happy Independence Day!!

Well today India celebrates 60 years of Independence. Maybe we may not have the same feelings our grandparents would have on this day. Maybe it is just another day passed with the usual routine of flag hoisting in educational institutions, holidays and ethnic wear for corporate and patriotic movies through the day on television (I'm looking forward to see Roja on TV for the umpteenth time ).

I don’t think I can pen the changes these 60 years have brought to our motherland (Well I leave that to the newspapers and news channels) but yes… I definitely can say what living in independent India means to me!!!

Today India is where I can speak my heart out ( Hmm...most of what I say is nonsense so who cares) and no one questions me as to why I have spoken thus. Still India is where I lower my voice in front of my elders and feel hurt when my dad scolds me!

Today I can travel to any part of the world thanks to the infrastructure laid down (and now a days pay dirt cheap for travel) but still my heart longs to be at home in the midst of the land that is mine…

Even though I see poverty and corruption around me I also see the light of hope in the eyes of the million who live around me that Yes! Someday all will be well!

India is where I love to eat Chinese momos, Continental steak and Italian Pizzas (put on all the calories and look to foreign machines to loose it too) but at the end of the day love to eat mom’s dal chavval any day- any time!

India is where we have lakhs of jobs for outsourcing work of other countries. We speak in different accents (sometimes doing a bad job too) and to global customers. Still when we speak to someone close to our heart it's always mother tongue first..

However today's India to me is a land where I can nourish my dreams and watch them turn true making my own choices, my decisions and on my own feet! I love Independent India!!!

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Vadapoche said...

Nice post. I love my independent India too, posted about it earlier.Do chk it out.