Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Nothing in the world is constant but change!

Whenever I pick call these days from friends I haven’t spoken to for sometime and they ask what’s happening, I say all’s the same. To get time to a lower span every week when I call my parents and they ask for news again it’s all the same! I hear people cribbing for a change in life, people doing crazy things on impulse just because life is the same, married people going astray in want of change….all sort of things!!!

I’ve always thought everyone loves change in their lives. I’ve never thought otherwise. Could it be that there could be people who didn’t want change in life? Well to think of it from another point of view there might be many who don’t like change.

They follow the same routine everyday. The same positioning of things, the same route they take, similar eating habits, similar dressing habits, everything constant. Is hating change fearing the unprepared? Do they like to be systematic in everything they do? Reminds me of people planning pregnancy for an auspicious time of birth and according to school admissions!!!

Change can be fearsome but sometimes that is what carries life forward. I don’t want to be leading a new life everyday but I would love something new to be happening often. Tomorrow when on the judgment day I don’t want to think back and say, “Hey there’s nothing different I’ve done since a long time.” Nor do I wish I want any desires left unturned at the end of the journey.


amna said...

yeah.. change.. it happens.. and when it doesnt we make it happen.. wondering why you suddenly thought about this :)

Dhanya said...

I'm the kind who dreads change :)
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Vadapoche said...

Your title says it all, but what makes change difficult is the resistance to change. Often we are so comfortable with the usual and normal that we try to do away with change. But it seldom works.

cm chap said...

Change... I love it for the simple reason it throws up so much of new experience....

Jayashankar said...

You know,I think linear.I am nowadays afraid to lateral thinkn.I am shocked at the BSE,though i have no money to lose.I am stunned at at a waterfall chart,though the brand is not mine.

I am afraid of a shift.It is cool now.no problems!

I am afraid of a marriage!

may be cos i am lazy...

Change,is it required yaar?

abhartiya said...

Change is the only thing that is constant in this world!

You have to change no matter what..and talking bout people who dont prefer change, i bet they gonna face trouble later in their life

Anonymous said...

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