Thursday, August 30, 2007

Random Thoughts - I

I’m finally back from home after what seemed like a vacation to me. 5 days at home , has been ages since I’ve been home for a stretch like this. Well over all, the vacation was good I should say. It really gave me food for thought.

So this is going to be a string of random thoughts.
The thought that bothered me the most is that I lost what I valued the most, probably I was proud of the most. The concept of joint family!! I boasted about this when I was in college and school or maybe even till last year. All cousins coming together, everyone having food at the ancestral home, noise, fun.. I thought this was norm and it would always be like this. Yeah, a foolish thought! I didn’t know that the tide would change soon.

With my grandmother’s death and the head of family gone the chain that bound us together was broken. This year everyone was mute about getting together. All seemed to be happy with their own family. This was just not what I expected.

Nuclear family seems to have taken over life. Everyone is only concerned for their immediate family. Maybe due to various reasons. Some say this is the only time they get with their family. Some say that it is too much stress to work so much. Some don’t have anything to say.

Well there is something I want to say to my elders. You could say many things starting, “In our days it used to be like this….” Now I can boldly say that in your days no one was together. In our days don’t’ expect the same. I am really sad that we are splitting ways.


Dhanya said...

That's really sad.. I have never experienced the joy of a joint family as my grandparents died long back and it was already a nuclear family when I was born :( But I always longed for such big togethernesses.. U can be happy that u experienced it atleast for some time..

amna said...

hmm it happens.. all part of the journey called life..

Anonymous said...

I never lived in a joint family till I got married n now....well I dont know if it cud be an enjoyable experience cuz the world's moved so much ahead.People have started to look at their own interests n for a good reason too.Gone are the days when ladies think only of their elders,husbands and children,sacrificing their interests n needs.I honestly dont think the joint family concept will work in today's world.It is an honest opinion,I cud be wrong...