Friday, August 3, 2007

Thank You note!

It takes a lot of difficulty to say grave things. It becomes even more difficult to say serious things to people who are not intimate to you. And the worst is when you have to say something in that tone to someone you have hardly spoken to. Personally I have never done something like that. I make a lot of friends but hardly make any by putting my front foot forward. Of late I did make friendship with one such person. Well I hardly know even if it is friendship, but yes I broke inhibitions and my frame of mind towards that person.

This was a person who told me a simple thing with a simple example. We have a lot of friends around us. We interact with customers who are miles away from us. Our job says to go the extra mile and help those customers. Come to think of it, they are distance away, they don’t know us or we know them personally. So why should we take that extra mile road. Is it just for money? Just for a compliment? No, deep inside there is something called mental satisfaction.

Maybe that’s exactly what prompts us to do good for someone we don’t know. I was really confused with all this. I was like, “Ok! You did something good to help me, but now why are you telling me this?” I got a nice answer for that too. By doing this for you I have helped you, so better not disappoint me by not seizing the opportunity to prove yourself! Hmm… I was really happy after the conversation!

It makes me think…There maybe loads of people who have done good to me in some way or the other. Some I would have known, some I would not even know. I’d really thank all those people…Love you all!!!


cm chap said...

Beautifully said.. Most of the time we don't acknowledge...

Kavi said...

Acknowledgement helps everybody around ! This realisation hitting people is rare..! Glad that its hit you..!

And thanks for the wonderful post !

Anonymous said...

though iam around,I didnt feel to put comments these days(posts are cool though).but i think it is the right time to thank you as a good friend these days!