Wednesday, September 12, 2007

“Living behind a mask”

Over the years it mould,
A mask my face to hold.
Hiding behind this mask,
Has never been a task.
Even behind the crafted smile,
There are sorrows going a mile.
Behind the attitude that says don’t care,
Lies a weak heart that fears a tear.
My feelings I reckon misunderstood,
It is then I retreat into that hood.
Where no one sees the real me,
And beyond me is all I see!!
I wonder if ever….
You see past the front to what lies below?
Or beyond the truth I want you to see?


rantravereflect/ jane said...

realll good last 2 lines..
i really wunder if people care to see what lies way beneath you, if they ever see into ya soul.. at the same time, do ya really wan them 2 see what really lies there???
tricky question- i guess, with most people, ya really like teh wall to be rock solid like the grt wall :) n with a very few, ya simply have no walls, n they dig deep in2 ya innermost wells- ya don't have a choice with these people, they jus see ya bared soul; rather, ya don't wanna have a choice, ya'd jus love them 2 see into ya..
Btw, teh man behind teh iron mask is a must watch:)

Unknown said...

Thank you for writing this...I am working with a youthgroup this upcoming weekend and the theme is "Be Real." May I share your poem with them? I find it quite touching and very much in line with what we are doing. Our main activity is making paper mache masks which represents that masks we wear through our lives.

Life Rocks!!! said...

Hi Thinh... I am not able to reply to you directly..Yes you may read this poem..I have no issues..Nice to hear about your initiative!!!