Tuesday, September 4, 2007

It’s tough to break premonitions!!

I usually take a long time to make notions about people. In general I’m a friendly person who can speak to anyone at all no matter how much I know them. I hardly form opinions about people. My opinions are not based on what others say. They are more on my experience with the person.

This is something the silicon city taught me. Among the circle of people around me there is a wide variety. There are people who are a complete contrast to what they are to me in real life. There are some who are the same in and out. But it doesn’t matter. As long as they are good to me I like them.

Their personal life or backgrounds don’t bother me as far as they are in my good books. I have learnt it that way after coming to Bangalore. I don’t let other’s talk ruin my opinion about the person. But my difficulty is when my mind is set. When I have already shaped up my ideas about someone, I find it difficult to change.

Whatever a person does, different from what I expect him to, seems artificial to me. I get even more bugged up with such people. Not only do they fail to impress they put me off completely. I have debated within myself plenty of times whether I should change such premonitions. The “good devil” says I should change but then “It’s tough to break premonitions!!”


amna said...

hmmm. i know exactly what you are talking about.

btw, you are tagged!


cm chap said...

Hey Vidya..Long time... Bit Busy...

I endorse u...As far as they r good to me... I'm fine with it.

rantravereflect/ jane said...

premonitions, intuitions, hunches are all involuntary, esp with people..
i mean, wen i see a skimpy little sexy thing, no matter how cute she is, I HATE her.. maybe cos i can never be like her- maybe its wrong..maybe she's nice.. but i dunt care.. i simply dun like her n tatz abt it...infact teh nicer she is, teh more ii writhe in hatred/dislike...

there are sum things ya can't help.. :) n well, I've a premonition tat i will neva help maself out with such things..

gud 1 dude:)