Wednesday, September 12, 2007

"Waiting for love"

The day comes and then goes,
I’m still waiting for a rose.
I hear your voice in my head,
But your face I see I see not.
Are you looking at the same star,
For a destiny that is not far.
Sometimes I feel you are near,
Coming to face is what you fear.
I wait for you arms to caress me,
And take me through the deep sea.
To watch over me when I sleep,
And wake me up from my sleep.
True love waits,
True love endures.
I shall wait with my arms open,
To engulf you when love happens.
P.S : This is for a collegue of mine who is so desperate "to have someone to look after him". This is in his actual words. Funny because he is just 22 or so and says this. Me at ** have never said this yet!!


Unknown said...

Well,i hopped here from Rajeev's blog and i dont have a regret i did.Nice poetry...:-)

Rakesh said...

Lovely words...

Hope, your colleague will soom find someone special.

amna said...

whats with all the poetry of late :)

Anonymous said...

good post..

I am sympathetic for your colleague..

rantravereflect/ jane said...

buddyn poet babe:)
ya colleage'z a lil despo, but men who've neva had a gf b4 or who've jus broken up wyd 1 are on an eternal quest 4 a secondary momma.. :) They never grow out of their mommaz womb:)

Unknown said...

thanks .. I see i am getting all the publicity ... though I would love to differ on some feedback received... me is not seeking a secondary momma .. mom one is doing just fine...