Sunday, October 21, 2007

And we took off!!

What a start t a journey. just a day for Bangalore to decide to start raining cats and dogs. Instead of washing away all my tensions for the trip it just doubled it. Was this a bad omen?? My mind was at unrest...

But then I kind of composed myself to get into the airport for check in. Gosh!! the airport of te silicon valley sure has a long way to go when compared to even the Muscat airports i saw 5 years ago!! As Anto was saying..."Most disappointing!Can't even find a Tinkle digest to read in here."

Well yeah habits never change and so does Indian sentiments. Here was Vishak who started crying on his mom's shoulder for a week's departure. that was a huge comedy. I escaped before i could laugh out aloud..

Lot has changed over the ears. Gone was a time when my mom used to cram our cabin luggage. Now a days people travel real light. Technology seems to have taken over life. Music player's, mobiles, laptops, palm tops and what not!! And speaking of technology we met the man himself..Azim Premji...Did go over to him and talk to him..And tell him that I loved his speech at last year's Wipro annual day!!

India's national insect was here too, waiting for boarding. Anto and I was instructing one of them as to who was a better prey! at the end of the day we all were tired and exhausted especially KD who reached the airport at 7.45pm for 12am departure. That too delayed for 1.5 hours thanks to rains.

So all i remember was getting in the airplane and sleeping..In between there was Vishak ordering beer,eating the airhostress brain and then snooze!!!

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amna said...

have a wonderful trip and keep documenting it :)