Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Kya kare!!

There are certain objects we grow so attached to in life. It could be little things gifted to us, or things we use through a long time. They might be of any monetary value but they are priceless according to us.

I have grown attached to many such things in life. My 3310 mobile that I refuse to change is one. I have used it for the past 5 years with not even one servicing and I refuse to buy a new one unless and until this fails me. This is the first asset I bought with my own money. There are certain pieces of jewellery given to me that I refuse to part with. The list just goes on and on. It is very characteristic of Cancerians to grow attached to little things.

This is not exactly what I am worried about. I get very uncomfortable when someone asks me to lend them something I consider so precious. I am facing this problem with my Sony camera these days. I never know what to tell people who ask for it. My electronic stuff have always been a treasure to me and this tops the list as I bought it on my birthday for myself after I came to Bangalore.

I can never handle such situations. I can’t say “No” in a cut right manner as well as this would be people I like. I never understand how others handle it. I make some excuse or another but it hurts me too thinking I am lying to the person concerned. Well I guess sometimes there is nothing to do!!


Serendipity said...

Oh yes , absolutely , you did the right thing!

Maybe you should lend it to people really close to u , that way you're sure they would'nt mishandle it. Dont worry , happens to all of us. Well , better this way than when you're camera is spoilt and u lose a good friend , right?

cm chap said...

I go with you in this.... I'm pretty much like u.

Things I love almost becomes my comrades... So I can't give it to some1 easily. For them its jst a material... Not for me.

shnaggy said...

i love the electronic stuff that i buy but when change comes...i am the first one to plan to let it now, i just sold my hp laptop...

but i go with you when it comes to have it lent...haha...

how's it going?