Sunday, October 28, 2007

Malaysia 2007 and us!!!

Malaysia was a very different place when compared to Singapore.Well the truth is that it is very much similar to India.

  • It is not a litter free place as Singapore. Some roads here resemble India a lot.

  • You can say good bye to the smooth traffic free roads here. We were stuck up in traffic quite a many times.

  • Corruption is very open by traffic police. They ask you very clearly how you want to settle fines..Ha ha...Definitely reminded of India right?

  • Taxis and buses compete for passengers, break the rules and go on emergency tracks at times.

  • The two lane paths always has a two wheeler path in between.

  • The people are more traditional here. They live with parents and have joint family systems in most families.

So Malaysia was quite a resemblence to India. The Petaling street here reminded me of Shivajinagar market except they had strret singers. More on Malaysia sight seeing coming up..


Sudha said...

You've got a nice blog here.Good review about ur Malayasia Trip.

Impressionist said...

haha! reading that definitely reminded me on Bangalore! :D
i hope ur enjoying there

peace & love