Monday, October 22, 2007

The island of Happiness-Sentosa

I was greeted with the soft white clouds beaming at my face in the morning and I remembered that I was on my way to singapore. Landed at Changi airport and was in love at first sight. You could spend the whole day here and still have more to see. All the world's brands under a roof. Checked out and took a taxi. Hmm.. What a place??Even the taxis are Mercs here..Sigh!!

There was this extraordinary taxi guy who took us to Park hotel, telling us on the way about Singapore, the government, rules, people, land buying and all!! I just reinforced my thoughts about these people, friendly and simple!! Checked in at Park Hotel and left immediately to Sentosa!!

The journey itself was an experience. The MRTs are out of the world and a piece of art and technology.The system is so well thought of and designed. Well and I did think about Emraan Hashmi and the movie "Train." But yes..I am awed by the MRTs...He he!!

Reaching Harbour Front we took a cable car ride to Sentosa Island. well only anto and I really took pleasure of this as both others shut their eyes throughout the ride and also screamed at us for risking their lives at such heights..Ha ha!! There was this Star cruise we saw on the way all complete with swimming pool looking awesome from above.

We then set off to see the butterfly and Insect Park. As it is the guys had enough butterflies to see walking around and now tere were ones flying around too..Hmm..What to do!! Let them enjoy all of them!!

Then went to see the underwater aquarium..what a pleasure to count the teeth of such huge fish..he he..I loved the touch of those ray fish but a bit slimy..Yeah what else did I expect!! The layout is what impressed me the most here especially the horizontal escalators or travellators. Good for my already aching legs!!

Went to see the dolphin show which was really cute..The dolphins impressed us with their tricks and stunts.I wished I was chosen to go down and touch them.I sceamed my lungs out to be chosen too but bad luck!! On the way back we took a ride on the no roof bus around the island. Come on..I had to pinch my legs to check they were there by now and it was scorching hot!!

In the night we went to Little India. Here was our land and people just replanted in a foreign land. There were the road side food, the tender coconut stalls and even the paan waalas. Well no land without an Indian!! Also dropped by Mustafa center where supposedly every Indian goes to according to Singaporeans. Just reminded me of a "Mega" Big Bazaar!!

Cozed up in the room watching Zee Music the only channel that's familiar!!

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