Monday, October 22, 2007

The face behind the voices

Ah!All play comes to an end where we get to the serious part of the visit...But yes the day was exciting. It was discovering the face beind the voices day. The world seemed smaller now. Met people as if we have known for a long time. This is now beginning to be a learning experience in all ways. I never can thank my lucky stars and people around me who made this possible.

Now there are loads of stuff that i have been awing about other than the ones I've been talking about so far so here goes the age old bullentin board (Never fails me!!)

  • The city is spick and spark where citizens take effort to keep it so. I actually saw this old lady who picked up a chocolate wrapper and put it in the waste bin.
  • People are very proud of their country and hold it in high esteem..
  • The temples here are very traditional all complete with the pujari too but God forgive me for saying this. the Indian Gods somewhere have a Sinaporean appearance..He he!
  • On a 3 lane road,vehicles keep to the three lanes only even though Indian standards could have fitted some 6 distorted lanes on them.

  • Hotel room instructions clerly state that "Drinking for the tap is perfectly safe." Now would anyone try that even if they wrote it down in our country??

  • The time alloted to cross a road is just 5 seconds more than what is required....eeks!!I have to run at most signals...

  • The favourite passtime for the people here is "Shopping, shopping and even more shopping."

So now that their favourite passtime is shopping I should just go along with the crowd so here I go shopping!!

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amna said...

so what did you shop for? ;)