Thursday, October 4, 2007

Happy Birthday, Mom!!

Yesterday was my mom’s birthday. Now not that I actually remember birthdays especially because we celebrate birthdays according to star signs. It changes every year to a new date so I lose track.

I asked mom what she got on her birthday (My gifts are usually postponed to the next time I go home!) She started off in the over excited tone. I knew by the tone she was blushing and out of the world. She says Dad surprised her, took her to Malabar Gold and bought her a pair of earrings. He also bought her a new saree.

This is something usual if you ask me. The unusual fact was the love and happiness from my mom’s voice. I wondered firstly, that any day if my mom is presented with gold or saree she will react the same way. I have always seen her like this and it is amazing it never changes with years.

And as usual I admire the togetherness in my parents’ life. They seem to have new chapters in their life every now and then. They still do stuff to make each other feel special and hmm…still do petty fights too!!! They are complete with each other..


amna said...

that's so sweet :) they are such an ideal couple! hope your mom had a nice bday..

Anonymous said...

happy belated b'day to your mom,,I think mom's are like that,,they love jewellery and sarees when given as gifts,,

take care