Friday, April 6, 2007

Avadhoota Datta Peetham and Bonsai Garden

This is one of those places not many would have visited while at Mysore. Actually we too landed there to kill some time before the palace visit. But being there was a soul rendering experience indeed.

The place called Avadhoota Datta Peetham is the ashram of Sri Ganapathi Sachidanada. A huge place filled with silence in the heart of the city. At the entrance of the ashram is a huge statue made out of mud, guess it Terra cotta. This is supposed to be a statue called "Moolikeswara" the Lord of the herbs, honoring Dhanvantri as the healing godhead. In addition to this there is also a garden filled with herbal plants they say is grown under the protection of this god.

Then we entered the temple which is a universal religion support. There are people following Hinduism, Christianity, Islam everything! They pray to the All Mighty here. Did find a lot of foreigners here. Wonder if religion and peace of mind are following foreigners now a days. They always seem to appreciate religion better than
we Indians who fight on the basis of religion!!!

Another attraction of this place is the Bonsai garden said to be the largest in the country. There are 250 bonsai trees here brought from various countries. The trees range from months to 200 years old ones!! In the middle of the garden there is a path for an acupuncture walk that was refreshing. Here you can also find big pieces of all the birthday stones…sorry didn’t find diamonds!


Anonymous said...

WoW! i have been to mysore lot many times, havent visited this place though!

Life Rocks!!! said...

See I told you...not many would have been's really worth a visit especially if you like quiet places

ankurindia said...

looks nice place

Anonymous said...

yahhh...the place itself giving that sort of peace means , can imagine wats the power of him who created it!!!!its worthfull to pray my guru''sri ganapathi sachidhananda swamiji''

Anonymous said...

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