Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Soft rain of romance...Mungaru Male

After almost one and a half years of Bangalore life I have accomplished something I am proud of these days. I am able to understand Kannada pretty well. I decided that it is time I watched a Kannada movie. This movie Mungaru Male is a superhit movie running house full here for over 100 days. I have been trying to see it since 3 weeks with disappointment only.

Finally I did manage to get tickets last week. And what a movie!!! It puts you into a different mood of romance altogether. Perfect landscape for romance….Rain, Coorg, chill, water falls….hmm…all so picture perfect. It gave me that feeling of getting drenched in cold rain on a day that was hot and humid so far.

Full marks for songs (thanks toSonu Nigam, Udit Narayan, Kunal Ganjawala, Sunidhi Chauhan, Shreya Goshal for their charming voices), cinematography, music and above all dialogues. Now I know that is a little too much for a non Kannada speaker to talk about dialogues. But I loved the air of humour and romance throughout the movie.
Not a very strong story line but it is well paced to keep you watching without boring you a single second. There are very cute insignificant characters in the movie like the little rabbit, Devdas, the watch he wants to gift her, the temple he takes ger to and above all Jog Falls.
The climax is awesome and I really appreciated the writer for this. He did not end the movie like a usual tragedy ending. The movie does make me wait for the next rainy season to go to Coorg….Now with or without that someone special is a question only time can answer….
For all those who would love to watch the songs check it out on the right of this page especially the second one which is my favourite!!!


Jayashankar said...

i feel like seeing it! even for me kannada ardhagathe marthadkku swapla swalpa barathe!

Tapasya said...

I dont understand the language, but the music's good :)