Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My brave little friend!!!

There are times when we should seriously not underestimate someone small and timid. They are the ones that can surprise and shock you too at acts they do. You would never expect them at the places they land up in. A close friend of mine, Manju, who seems to be one of the few good friends I have in Bangalore is the one I’m speaking about.

Last New Year before we celebrated new year night together…cribbing about why we had nowhere to go…we shopped a pair of sandals for Manju from Metro. She wore that 3 times when the sandals decided it had enough of her. This was for Rs. 650. Now Manju instead closing her fist on the money spend decided to buy sandals for Rs. 995 the next time.

This was more faithful as it lasted a week. Thanks to the learning curve she kept all the receipts this time. She was shocked to hear that these people refused to replace or do anything about it. They said they would mend it if she agrees which she refused at spot.

Now I would have expected her to come back and keep cursing them. But NO!!!!
She went all the way to the consumer forum and has filed a case. It left me - mouth wide open. Firstly she being a girl who doesn’t move around in Bangalore got to this place all alone.

Moreover did all this without any help in terms of language communication. Now she has a case hearing at Consumer court on 2nd May and has claimed for Rs. 4000. Cool isn’t it??? I really underestimated this girl…Way to go, Manju!!!


amna said...

wow! i am amazed too! tell me how it went!

Unknown said...

Well she is a girl who is consecrated with lots of talents & strength. She doesn't fly her own kite..I think we all got the shock when we saw her perform at shreds GD.
She rang me up to take the just dial no: to trace out consumer forum.Later when she called up said that she had lodged a case even i was amazed...

Binary Surfer said...

Please let me know whether she got the 4K and she again went to the same shop to buy more shoes!! :)

Unknown said...

shall update all of you definite!!

Jayashankar said...

Manju Rocks!!