Monday, April 2, 2007

Mom never retires!!!

Finally mom too retires. Dad has been enjoying his retired life for quite some time now. The fact is he had time at hand when he was working. Now he seems to be totally engaged. His dog, news channels, walks to home, engagements, marriage functions…all seems to have him in it!!! Now mom has also joined him.

I really wonder how life would be for both of them. As it is they keep to be picking up fights for silly reasons all the time…even though solving it in few minutes too. How would life be now?? They have all the time together and all the time to fight…Hmm.. One big lesson I’ve learnt from their fights is never to side any one. The end of the day they are one and I’m kicked out.
I called home to see if there is any difference in mom’s life after the retirement. I was immediately convinced there were none….

Mom: When coming for Vishu get me a saree?
Me : (Thinking this is one of the same old requests) Yeah mom…one for you to wear at home right?
Mom : No one to marriages.
Me : Ok now you will be attending marriage functions in full swing, right?
Mom : Yes…but get one with all that bead and mirror work!!
Me : What???? Mom are you crazy??? You are retired. Your daughters are almost of age to get married and you want one of those fancy sarees. People will laugh at you.
Mom : (immediately retorts) No… everyone now seems to be wearing such ones. I want one like them.
Me : Sigh!! Ok mom…

I give in…My mom will never retire…She will still be 20 forever…Touch Wood!! Love you, ma!!!


amna said...

Hahaha.. get her one in red or blue.. will suit her! :)

Destiny's Child said...

ooh ...she asked me for vishu kaineetam that they have retired and we the the one who r working....can anybody but ma come up with that logic ...??????????! lol... i guess my sweetheart will never change will she?